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IC Markets - icmarkets.com


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Official discussion thread for IC Markets at Digital Cash Palace.

- Users can ask questions, make suggestions to improve the service, share stories (no spamming/advertising).
- Brokers employees may participate in topics by answering questions. Promote and posting announcement.

Please be honest and fair with the broker being discussed.

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Easily one of the best brokers I've yet experienced and traded at, if not _the_ best broker. Strong ASIC regulation, fast execution, excellent liquidity the vast majority of the time, segregated accounts, free VPS if you trade 30+ lots / MO, and unlike most other brokers, they never act as a bucketshop or unhedged counterparty to your trades, so there's never a conflict of interest. In addition, they have some of the very lowest spreads of any broker in the retail space; check them out on MyFXBook. Yeah I'm gushing, but that's because I'm legitimately smitten with their trading conditions.

That all said, definitely a top choice for serious traders more interested in making money than they are in wrestling with their middleman, and seeing their profits arbitrarily cancelled.

On top of all this, you can also get a $1.55 USD / RTL discount on their commission easily.
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IC Markets, sure is one of the best brokers but like any other they do have some real issue which they have to seriously deal with. Even though they are saying the advantage of lowest spreads, most people are not conceiving this way, I've read reviews on IC Markets and though not many negative but still some genuine unsatisfied customers are there. You can visit that page if you want. But it is better than many other brokers, I do agree that. :32 (20):
Hey GVGlobal, which issues are you referring to in particular? There were some capacity problems back in April, but they have since been resolved with the successful and completed rollout of new trading servers.
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Hey guys, FYI for those trading on ICM, server times are changing from GMT +3 to GMT +2:

Until the next server time change, looks like markets will be open at 22:00 GMT Sunday evening – 00:00 Platform time Monday morning

Close will be 22:00 GMT Friday evening – 00:00 Platform time Saturday morning
Got another message about the GMT offset:

We are delaying the change of our GMT offset from GMT +3 to GMT +2 by a week. We will now be making the change over the weekend of the 2nd-3rd November 2013.

The session trading times for the next week are outlined below for you.

Market Open

21:00 GMT Sunday evening – 00:00 Platform time Monday morning

Market Close

21:00 GMT Friday evening – 00:00 Platform time Saturday morning

Please email [email protected] with any questions about the change.

Kind regards,
IC Markets Trade Desk
Their low cost is their advantage but slippage and platform freeze are some of the negative points I've seen in FPA about them. I also saw some reviews updating that IC markets are working on their platform stability issues. If these were solved, IC Markets can be a preferred broker.
Going over the FPA reviews, the issues you've mentioned appear to be old and long since resolved. That said, slippage will always be a point of fact during news and other times of typically low liquidity on ECN brokers that feature actual market exposure (this is when I appear to notice it at ICM, rarely otherwise).

Further, per the FPA, it's worth noting that IC Markets currently stands at a higher than 4 star rating after 98 reviews.
Note that IC Markets has begun to monitor this thread and is looking for quality feedback, so let loose with what you love, hate and wish were improved about the broker; it's all good as long as it's honest!
Some good news for clients of IC Markets and Global Prime; direct fund transfers between these two brokers is now available!

"IC Markets & Global Prime have come to a mutual agreement to allow fund transfers between both brokers. If you are a Global Prime client and would like to transfer funds across to IC Markets you can do so. If you are an IC Markets client and would like to transfer funds to Global Prime you can also do so. You'll still need to meet the conditions of both brokers to facilitate a B2B transfer - please speak to Global Prime or IC Markets if you require assistance with transferring funds between brokers."
Though trading conditions are similar, Global Prime and IC Markets tends to outperform the other relative to certain pairs, so you can freely switch funds between them as your trading strategy dictates. Further, should either be encountering temporary technical difficulties such as in the case of upgrades, one can easily swap over to the other.
it's really fine as a broker, i could scalp with low spread also use EA a without prbs and especially receiving my money without waiting too long ! all what a trder needs either a beginner or professional