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How do I start copy trading?

Trading manually has resulted in losses for me, which is why I'm thinking about switching to copy trading, but I'm not sure where to begin. Can you help me with this?
I've found copy trading to be effective when I wasn't able to come up with a good trading strategy. For a quick start, I recommend you to try out Zulutrade or MQL5. Also, you should spend some time and effort finding reliable and genuine traders to copy and if you don't think you can do all the research, you can simply rely on these platform's advanced search tools.
Ah been there before mate. I had some difficulty when doing manual trading. If you are planning to start on copy trading, you will first need to find a broker that offers copy trading services. That’s what I did by connecting aaafx broker to the zulutrade platform. Once I got the idea, I was able to generate decent returns.
If you are having a bit of doubt, you can reach out to their support team to get a better answer. All the best, mate.
In the initial time, you can hire a guide to seek advices from him but you have to bolster your ability ultimately. Rely on fundamental analysis for the betterment of your trading.
Millions of traders are trading Forex but majority of them lack one thing, which is professionalism. I prefer long-term trading which refers to the complete professionalism but traders are mostly allergic to this type of trading as it takes much time and the return from it is quite uncertain.
Trading performance doesn’t flourish in just one go rather it goes through several stages. You must pick a such a broker that provides you with a superior technology because it ensures smooth trading performance.
Many brokers available around the market offer 500:1 trading leverage. Avoiding such a big amount of leverage is essential for traders because it accelerates the trading risk.
They should avoid trading at uncertain point and lower trading lot size so they risk doesn’t become skyrocketing. So, make increasing cautiousness your primary target.
I suggest you not to misuse the opportunity of leverage issue. If you want to stay risk-free don’t use high leverage in your trading even though you have the option of using high leverage.
Prosperous strategy, developed and proven techniques aren’t enough to make you successful, a trading-genial mindset is also needed. Your mind must be free of emotion and greed.
In Forex, every single thing is important, for example, account selection. Account types also increase trading risk so those who want to reduce trading risk can use micro account
Do you think it's a good idea to copy the trades of other people? Is it worth your time?
Copying the trades of other traders can be a great way to learn more about the markets and gain valuable insights. You can learn from experienced traders and copy their trading strategies, which can be very helpful, especially if you are a beginner who is just starting out.

Would recommend to DYOR and make informed decisions.
Copy trading will help you in gaining profit temporarily but it won’t enhance your trading experience. So, you have to work on expanding your trading knowledge.