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Why do new traders lose?

according to me i think when you have perfect risk and money management then you can avoid loss for a while but not for all times.
I think losing is just a part of the learning process for a beginner. The only thing they should pay attention to is minimising such losses with a risk management plan. You should not risk anything more than what you can afford to lose. You should not expect to become profitable right away and focus on learning more than earning during the initial period.
According to me it's because of lack of risk management and knowledge. They fail to understand the market movement and try to incorporate more capital without giving them time to actually figure out how price action works.
You are bound to lose some money during the learning process. But those who lose too much are those who lack proper knowledge and skills. But you should plan well to minimise these losses and focus more on learning as a new trader.
New traders lose because they don’t educate themselves properly. They repeat the mistakes and want to earn quick profits. In trading, it is important to keep realistic expectations and to trade with a strategy. Your risk management game should be strong and make use of stop loss. Don’t be greedy and be patient.
How would you become successful if you lack a trading system and have no control over your emotions? New trades fail because they lack skills and look for shortcuts to become profitable in the market, which isn’t very reliable in trading. The first step should be about learning about the market. Do not focus on profits unless you have obtained skills.
New traders lose because they enter the market and start trading without enough preparation. They don’t have a plan or sometimes fail to follow their plan due to emotional trading. New traders should work on improving their skills and also learn to manage their emotions while trading. This is the only way to avoid huge losses as a beginner.
Lack of knowledge works as an impediment to the way of trading. New traders are quite averse to earning knowledge and that’s why they can’t succeed in their trading.
Of course, they lack trading knowledge and have unstable emotions when facing their trade. What else?

Most of you must have experienced it, when you have no clue about your trade and then you loss. And I think it’s normal hahaha.
Traders lose due to their lack of interest in earning knowledge. Traders have to earn knowledge from different sources and then execute this knowledge on demo account.
Who said that it doesn't work? For commodities, including crypto it's a great tool for analysis, but stocks or forex.. I guess the asset should exhibit property of moving in cycles and commodities is a good example of such assets.
In most of the cases, we see that new traders lose due to the lack of their trading knowledge and they mostly capitalize on their wild guesses.