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Trading as profession

Do you have a blog where you talk about this in more detail? You just give good advice, and they would help beginners in this case. When I decided to actively start blogging on Instagram, I started with a small survey among my audience (at that time, it consisted of 200 people). In the survey, I suggested several topics from which my audience chose the topic of finance. Then I started a financial blog on Instagram for beginners. As it turned out, this topic is attractive to many people. They simply can't find a more detailed description of a particular activity in the field of finance on the Internet.
Yes for some trader maybe already treat forex trading as a profession, but still many traders that treats forex as part-time trading only because they realize if fore is risky business, with a treat as part-time make trading more comfortable and not rush to make a profit because as another source income for daily necessity
yes its vital not to hurry to make profit.
To take Forex trading as a profession, you have to ignite your experience. Try to take lessons from your mistakes because it will help you become successful in the market.
Yes, you can take Forex as a good profession for you. But you have to be careful about risk management techniques and find out the ways of surviving on the market.
Forex trading is a great profession and to conquer forex, you can follow expert traders’ trading and use demo account to enlarge traders’ trading knowledge.
We see two types of traders in Forex including part time and professional traders. Professional traders take forex as their primary earning source and invest majority of their time in trading.
To trade professionally, increase your fundamental knowledge and shun your skill. Fundamental analysis strengthens the signals generated from technical analysis. Fundamental analysis always ensures a quality market forecast.