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Forex has high job satisfaction or less

It depends on how much you dedicate time for trading. A trader can have a full-time job and make an income from forex trading as well. Many traders work part-time as they battle to balance their other daily responsibilities with trading forex.
You can trade forex for a part time, that's no problem. However, you have to skilled enough to make money consistently. And it takes time and commitment to get skilled. It doesn't occur in several months.
Selecting forex trading as your career is not a big deal, but there must be some feeling behind it. Were you looking for work freedom, or to make a profit with your own analysis and knowledge, or to test your capabilities? If any of these were your thoughts before making Forex trading a career, then you will probably enjoy being a trader.
Even though Forex is a business, you can have a job satisfaction trading forex. You can trade forex both as a part time trader and professional trader.