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Blackwell Global - blackwelltrader.com


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Official discussion thread for Blackwell Trader at Digital Cash Palace.

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when I opened it I saw that the broker to issue minimum deposit by the broker website is very huge so that those of us who only have limited capital is very difficult at all to join in the broker, the broker hopefully this can be a little lower minimum deposit set so that we can follow the broker unencumbered deposit large problem
For me $2000 seems like a reasonable amount as i prefer to manage my risk with lower leverage, If you put a very small deposit u will lose huge leverage and it is very easy for your entire account to be wiped out.
They seem good I will give them a try and let you know how it works ;)
Global Traders

Hi all, I do some investments on the international market and use Global Traders to execute my trades, they are excellent, transparent and always willing to assist. Give them a try.